Good News and Bad News…Myford UK has gone into voluntary liquidation but another company has picked up the rights and aim to continue the brand and product




TURNING TOOL SET 12x12mm -7pce
 12mm square shank turning tools fitted with European quality interchangeable carbide tips. All 4 points usable with this set. Replaceable tips only $11 each and readily available from any supplier. Includes the following Turning Tools: Right Hand, Left Hand, Right Hand Roughing, Facing, Grooving, Chamfering Tools, plus small diameter Boring Bar.
Normally $258. On special while stocks last for $195


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Minitech Engineering and Model Supplies sell small lathes, milling machines, (including affordable CNC Mills) for light engineering and home workshops. Our range includes the world famous Sieg lathe and Sieg Milling machines. These machines are prefixed with the codes C1, C2 and C3 as well as X1, X2 and X3 respectively.
 We are also the agents for the world famous Myford lathe and related spare parts. (See ) All of our lathes are for turning metal but some of the hobby lathes also have attachments for wood turning.
 Lathe tools and milling tools are almost always in stock as well as all the necessary tools, such as lathe cutting tools, slitting saws, end mills and slot drills, centre squares, milling vice, collet chucks, boring tools and lathe chucks.
 We keep a comprehensive supply of taps and dies and specialise in BA taps, dies and fasteners. Measuring tools such as micrometers, dial indicators surface plates and surface gauges are in stock. Some of our most popular products are the laser centre edge finder, live and dead centres, drill chucks and drill arbors.
 There is a large supply of small drill sizes ranging from 0.35mm to 12mm to choose from as individual drills as well as the comprehensive quality Dormer Drill Sets.
 The hobby machinist will be pleased to see the range of castings and kits for steam, internal combustion and Hot Air Engines. Most will require a lathe and/or mill to complete which surprise, surprise…we specialise in. Our selection of “How to…” books are designed for the beginner and advanced lathe and mill operator and include an assortment of lathe and mill projects.
 Our supplies of Bright Mild Steel, brass and Silver Steel are sold in 300mm lengths with the exception of some larger diameters. The BMS or Free Machining Steel and Brass are in hex, round and square lengths.
 If we don’t have it we can probably get it, and no matter where you are we can post it to you.